Airports and Austin

I know, it’s been awhile. I slacked off again. I was busy eating  tacos and drinking micheladas in Austin, TX. I took a much-needed vacation last week, chasing after summer just as the fall weather started up in New York.

Awesome tacos. Left to right; fried avocado, ‘trailer parks’ (fried chicken with queso), and ‘republicans’ (jalapeno sausage).

Hands-down the best michelada I’ve ever had. Cheer-Up Charlies is my new favorite bar.

I had to deal with some nasty flight delays which stranded me in BWI on two separate occasions. Fortunately, I have some really awesome friends in Baltimore who scooped me up and gave me beds, thanks y’all! I ended up eating at a lot of chain restaurants, and drinking way too many a reasonable amount of overpriced airport cocktails.

Migas (scrambled eggs, onions, tomatoes, peppers, tortilla strips, potatoes, and chorizo).

Bourbon lemonade and bloody mary’s. Perfect brunch drinks.

While the food was nothing to write home about, it did give me a chance to meditate on how much I appreciate being able to cook wholesome, well-balanced meals in my own kitchen. It’s nice to have a meal out here and there, but I always love coming home to my own pots and pans, my favorite wooden spoon, my trusty knives. Cooking is meditation for me, and spending almost a whole week without it was a sharp reminder of that. The food in Texas was amazing, but definitely more on the junky side of things. Lots of melted cheese, greasy chorizo, fried avocado, and a hefty amount of spice. I love Tex-Mex, but upon my return to New York all I wanted was fresh veggies and ice water. Over-indulgence was the name of the game, and I played it for all it was worth.

Mexican martinis (margaritas with olives and brine).

Deep-fried avocado.

Back home the markets are still brimming with beautiful late-summer produce, and it’s chilly enough outside to inspire thoughts of spiced pumpkin and simmering soups. I’ve got a few recipes in mind for the coming weeks, including a Spanish-inspired corn chowder, the world’s best oatmeal cookies, another batch of jam, and my favorite chilli. But for now, I’m taking it easy in the kitchen and gobbling up lots of raw produce in an attempt to detox from Tejas.

Queso dip is my one true love.