BBQ Sauce

My sense of smell is somewhat lacking. I can’t nose out the undertones in a glass of wine, I don’t always notice right away when the cat box needs to be cleaned, and… Continue reading

Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

I’ve got a full-on case of Spring Fever. I can’t focus on any of my work because I’m too busy daydreaming of asparagus tarts and new sundresses, warm, morning bike rides and picnic… Continue reading

Easing back in.

Time has slipped away from me this year at an alarming rate. It’s March, and the sun is out, which means that pretty soon radishes and asparagus will appear at the market, crocuses… Continue reading

Cider-Braised Pork Shoulder

You know how I said that December went by in a blur? Well, somewhere in those 31 days I celebrated Christmas with some people I love and it was wonderful. The fact that… Continue reading

Ain’t no party like a Crampari party!

Wow. Several weeks have lapsed since I spoke of the melty goodness that was Brusselled Mac. Where have I been, you wonder? Well, I honestly can’t tell you. The past few weeks have… Continue reading

Brusselled Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Or: How to Make Vegetables Unhealthy. Bacon. Butter. Cream. More butter. Some cheese. More cheese. Ok, ok, about a half pound of cheese. Hungry yet? I love brussel sprouts simply steamed, with a… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Tacos

Now that the weather has turned bitter-cold and blustery, I’m find myself missing Texas. Although I know it’s only a few degrees warmer in Austin than it is in New York right now,… Continue reading

Pumpkin Cheesecake and Bronchitis

This Thanksgiving, I wore a light blazer over a t-shirt while I sipped wine on a friend’s outdoor patio. A little over a week later and it’s 45º outside and blustery as all… Continue reading

Late-night mediations on baking.

Sugar cookies are fragile. When the pointed hat of Santa cracks, or the delicate legs of a horse fall off, don’t fret. Sometimes, you can glue them back together with a little icing… Continue reading

Round One

Too much Thanksgiving, not enough time. Between the two dinners I’m attending, the leftover potluck on Friday, the madness of working in a specialty grocery store during America’s biggest food celebration, and the… Continue reading