Goat Cheese and Blueberry Pancakes

This weekend, New Yorkers battened down their hatches and stocked up on non-perishable foods and candles in preparation for the inevitable destruction that hurricane Irene was doomed to bring. My post-apocalyptic plan included… Continue reading

Queso Espiche

Grilled cheese is definitely within my top-ten most-made meals. I always have a few types of cheese in the fridge, and I usually get to bring home leftover bread from work, so I… Continue reading

Crab Chips

Utz potato chips are a Baltimore original. Along with Natty Bo, Old Bay, and blue crabs they scream Maryland, especially when covered in crab spices and malt vinegar to create my favorite junk… Continue reading

Coffee Face Scrub

Ok, so this isn’t technically a recipe, but it is made with kitchen staples, and it is something that I make quite often. I have troublesome skin. It’s very dry and prone to… Continue reading

A Dinner Party

My kitchen is noisy and bustling during a dinner party. I’m usually running my ice cream machine, which is obnoxiously loud, and since I’m kind of a control freak I don’t relegate many… Continue reading

Blueberry-Lavender Ice Cream

It’s been a long time coming, but it is oh-so-good. Floral and tart, this ice cream highlights summer’s harvest in the most refreshing way. I got lucky with some raw heavy cream and… Continue reading

Blueberry-Lavender Jam

Blueberries. How can you not love them? Sweet, tart, and one of the only naturally blue foods. I try to keep a bowl of dusky, indigo spheres in my refrigerator all summer long.… Continue reading

Curried Coconut-Squash Soup

Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned currant-picking? No? Understandable. It’s not like I put up any currant-related recipes after said picking adventure. I can see why it wouldn’t register. To be… Continue reading

Peach and Basil Pie

Camera-charging success! I vow that from here on out, I will keep my camera in tip-top food-photographing shape so as to bring you only the finest of my food-related ramblings. Aaaaand away we… Continue reading

Not Really a Post.

My camera is dead and I don’t have a charger. Sad faces. So, until I get said charger (it’s supposedly on its way), I probably won’t post much. I do, however, have some… Continue reading