Orange and Bourbon French Toast

Ugh, two weeks have gone by since I last even thought about this blog! Only three posts in and I’m already slacking, tsk tsk. But what a two weeks I’ve had! There was… Continue reading

Spicy Kale and Asparagus Pizza

I used to be a picky eater. I hated breakfast to the point that my only early morning sustenance for years was in the form of Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks. Green has been… Continue reading

Peasant food for free.

I grew up in a beautiful little town nestled among the Chesapeake Bay’s many tributary rivers, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In this part of the world, strangers greet you on the… Continue reading

Welcome pickles.

So, here I am. I’ve made the jump into the blogosphere with the hopes that by documenting the meals I love to make and share I will end up with something slightly more… Continue reading